The Perennial Meadow


Permead 101

The perennial meadow is a stylized meadow of grasses and robust perennials. Planting began September 2014 and we are very pleased with the way it is establishing. It is an experiment and we hope it will be low maintenance once mature.

The meadow consists of large, informally shaped beds. The planting is based on a matrix of grasses. Most of the grasses are cultivars of the native Molinia (purple moor grass) which grow wild on our own bog and also on the moor below us. We have added other grasses such as specimens of several Miscanthus cultivars, Calamagrostis, Deschampsia, Panicum and Stipa to give added interest.

Through the grasses we have blocks and drifts of flowering perennials including Actaea, Aster, Astrantia, Crocosmia, Eupatorium, Filipendula, Helenium, Leucanthemella, Monarda, Persicaria, Rudbeckia, Sanguisorba and Veronicastrum. For extra diversity several different cultivars of each are included. There are also native flowering plants such as linaria, oxe eye daisy and verbena hastata.

This area was extremely colourful during August when the bright colours of the flowering plants shone out from the fuzzy purple black haze of the Molinia seed heads.