The Woodland and Bog



The woodland is a damp and humid, shady area planted with a mixture of shade tolerant shrubs under planted with perennials for ground cover. This area is planted with many types of Rhododendron and Hydrangea. In the darkest areas the ground cover is provided by drifts of saxifrage, mollusc resistant hosta and various types of astilbe, ranging from the tiny Astilbe Willie Bucchanan at a height of just 15cm to the rare and architectural Astilbe rivularis var. meriantha at a height of 2 metres. Where there is more light, the ground cover is provided by various cultivars of hardy fuchsia and drifts of Crocosmia.

At the lowest point the ground becomes quite boggy and is planted with Rodgersia, Filipendula, Iris ensata, moisture loving grasses and ferns.

The peninsula area between the Wildflower Meadow and the Perennial Meadow is still under development.