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Moorland Cottage Plants is a small nursery located in the upland region of the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. We are positioned on the northern side of the Preseli Mountains and are 220 metres (approximately 700 feet) above sea level. The land slopes east and we overlook a panoramic scene of open hillside. Spread below us is a 7 mile unbroken tract of acid moorland and upland bog.

We grow a range of hardy garden plants and are building up an extensive collection of hardy perennials, some rare and unusual, some less known cultivars of traditional favourites and some plants that are well known but have particular garden value. Whilst our main interest is in perennials we also grow an expanding range of shrubs and climbers that have been selected either for their flowers and long season of flowering or for autumn and winter interest. Ornamental grasses, bamboos and ferns are well represented.

All the plants offered for sale are pot grown outside all year round and are exposed to everything that the elements can throw at them. Nothing is grown in polytunnels or under glass. As a result the plants are completely hardy and very tough, capable of withstanding the very wet winters we have here along with prolonged sub zero cold spells.

Although we are located close to the west coast our altitude and location means that we get some snow. We also have many freezing spells with no insulating snow cover when the ground can freeze to a depth of 30cm. These conditions when accompanied by strong, freezing and drying easterly winds that occur at below freezing temperatures test the plant hardiness more than the covering of snow.As I am writing this,on January 7th 2009, we have been frozen solid since December 26th with night time temperatures reaching -13 degrees centigrade and daytime temperatures not exceeding -2 degrees.

Our specialities include hardy Geranium (120 Varieties), Campanula, Crocosmia, Geum, Persicaria, Potentilla, Sidalcea and Veronica. Recently we have been extending our collection of grasses, rushes and sedges and now grow around 150 varieties, which will be offered for sale as they become ready. We grow many cottage garden plants for their ageless charm. For weed suppression we have colourful ground covering plants. We also specialise in plants for shade and woodland perennials including ferns.

Our small sales area is mainly stocked with plants that are in season, therefore the content will vary throughout the year. The bulk of our plants are located in our growing area, completely separate from our sales area. If you require a list of plants it would be advisable to telephone beforehand to allow us to gather them together ready for your collection. At busy times of the year it may not be possible to search the growing area for your list.

Garden Clubs and Societies

We welcome visits to the nursery and garden from groups. Visits may be arranged outside normal working hours (Wednesdays and evenings). Please contact Jennifer Matthews on .

Border Planning, Garden Design and Construction

We are often asked to put together a collection of plants for a border or difficult area. This advice may be obtained free of charge from the nursery and suitable plants selected. We also undertake site visits. A fee is charged for this. Please talk to us if you require this service.

We can design planting plans for one border or produce a design and plans for an entire garden. We can undertake construction work for the hard landscaping (patios, paths, walling, arbors, pergolas and decks). We can also offer soft landscaping including soil preparation, planting and aftercare.